Church St. Nikolai

The Protestant parish church St. Nikolai is a Gothic one (13.-15. a.c.) with a double steeple, whose spires are only a few metres higher than the roof of the nave. The interior equipment goes back to the 17th century. Listening to the sound of the baroque organ built by the famous German master Donat is really a great pleasure not only for experts.

Luckau can also be called the city of towers. On the market place you are invited to climb ub the steps of the so called Hausmannsturm, that was added on the chapel of St. George in the 17th contury. The 'Rote Turm' (Red tower) was a part of the city's attachment.

The Red Tower

Here at the so called 'Calauer Tor' (Calau gate) was one of the two entries into the city.

The Town Hall

The city hall, a classical building from 1851, was completely restored in 1996/97, is the seat of the city's administration. In its walls the 'Luckauer Scheffel', an old grain measure, is exhibited.

The Town Hall

The market place is surrounded by different shops established in beautiful buildings with magnificently decorated renaissance gables:

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Bild 044-kl

a chemist's, a bank, a bakery, a jewelry etc. whose stucco works were manufactured by Italian artists in the 17th century.

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