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The Napoleon cottage

The city of Luckau offered an accomodation to a famous guest for only one night. The so-called Napoleon-Häuschen (Napoleon House) a small guard-house on top of the city wall is supposed to be Napoleon's lodging on his way back from Russia. Today a small exhibition reminds the visitor of this event.

The Napoleon cottage

The castle mountain witnesses to the time when Luckau was still a castle city. This was indeed a very long time ago. During the 30-year war this castle was completely destroyed.

The mountain castle

The restaurant on the castle mountain was built in 1845.

Not only Luckau inhabitants and their guests feel well in Luckau and its surrounding region. But also thousands


of cranes arriving in spring as well as autumn at a place of about 150 hectares not far from Luckau to stay and recover before leaving for or after coming back from their trip to their winter place. The birds can be observed from an observation tower.

One can find nature experience pure around Luckau. The still young nature park - the so-called Niederlausitzer Landrücken (Lower Lusation hilly country) and the only a few kilometres away existing biosphere reservation Spreewald offer you many opportunities for walks, nature investigations, fishing rod trips, excursions on horseback and punt travels.

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