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. Walk through Luckau /Niederlausitz

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I am the Hostess Lucky of Luckau


and accompany you at our small fantasy.

Luckau was first mentioned in 1276 in a document and was starting from 1492 one of the capitals of the
Niederlausitz. Today about 7,972 inhabitants love in the small city. The remained and affectionately restored
old parts of the town as well as the idyllic position in the Niederlausitzer country at the edge of the Spreewald
make the city a trip target for visitors of very differnet interests: City-stroll on your own fist followed by a
rest in one of the comfortable cafes of the town, a sightseeing tour completed with many stories about Luckau
history or an organ concert in the Nikolai church. There is plenty of reasons to visit Luckau!

The Red Tower

The historical old part of the town surrounded by the almost completely remaimed
city wall and city ditch and with its numerous baroque and renaissance buildings - masterly restored in the past 10 years - give evidence of the vivid history of the city.

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